we Are

Renascence Talent Solutions specializes in Global Leadership & Sales hiring in India, North America, UK, Europe, Australia, Dubai and Singapore. We understand that Leadership roles are mission critical and are high on priority for your organization. However, these have been amongst the most difficult positions to fill considering the current complex and fast changing business climate. It constantly demands the Leadership professionals to be transformation partners in the organization and to the clients. We clearly understand this and we have come up with this big idea of starting Renascence Talent Solutions , the next generation recruitment agency only focusing on Leadership and Sales roles globally and to be a transformation partner to our clients by identifying top talent using a structured evaluation process.

Renascence Talent Solutions aspires to be a most preferred partner of our clients globally for all Leadership & Sales roles.

Our Global Presence

We believe hiring top talent is a collaborative effort and works best in partnerships. Our Partners are integral part of our ecosystem. We currently have partners in India, North America, Australia and UK (a number which is increasing by the day), they specialise in a wide range of domains and had been great sourcing partners. The prolific & diverse partner ecosystem has helped us deliver effectively every time. Renascence Talent Solutions had a fabulous run till now hiring top talent for our clients globally, made all more fulfilling journey by words of appreciation and satisfaction from our clients. The future is looking bright as we stride ahead with more passion, gusto and focus.

Road Ahead - Exploring New Horizons….

Our latest offering – The Sales Talent - A cloud based digital platform for Sales professionals to RISE, TRANSFORM and NETWORK globally.

The digital platform www.thesalestalent.com will be launched in 2018.