Do you agree that a leadership professional must be assessed more on right attitude, personality, motivational and cultural fitment, than only on education, knowledge and skills?

At Renascence , we do a 360-degree assessment of Leadership & Sales professionals based on the above criteria. We partner with top Assessment companies to provide very comprehensive and concise assessment instantly.

What we look for in a professional while hiring for leadership roles?

  • RIGHT ATTITUDE – A right attitude, with a positive image with a problem-solving attitude is what is high priority for us.
  • PERSONALITY – A confident Leader will display the drive and result oriented approach, which is key to achieve goals.
  • MOTIVATIONAL FITMENT – Its imperative to understand the key drivers of an individual, very critical for selection.
  • KEY ACHIEVEMENTS – Social Achievements, Revenue figures and rewards/recognition.
  • SALES SKILLS - Irrespective of you are sales or not a leader must always be a sales professional by heart. It’s important to understand an individual’s approach to business and closing sales or issues within the organization.